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Kronos Overview

Kronos was a computer company specializing in workflow solutions to help organizations control labor costs, thus increasing production. Kronos served not only private entities but also government firms, regardless of size.

Kronos is headquartered in Lowell, Massachusetts, with more than 6,000 employees spread globally. The company was founded in 1977 by Mark S Ain, who, together with his brother Aron Ain led it through its growth and profitability until its merge with Ultimate Software in the early 2020s.

Noting that time is money, Kronos majorly focused on large organizations with complex duties. Its software helped the organization collect time and attendance data, oversee administrative tasks, assist with HR hiring and payroll process, and analyze data, thereby providing performance problems.

Kronos was successful in its service business and boasted of over $1 billion in annual revenue. It also served more than half of the fortune 1,000 making it stand out among competitors in the industry. Merging with Ultimate Software now makes it unstoppable in providing the best services to its customers.

Kronos Features

Kronos is a popular software with a long track record. Millions of HR professionals continue to benefit from its customizable features and user-friendly platform. With this tool, you will experience improved employee engagement, which is a key element in achieving organizational objectives. 

The features of Kronos also help you identify your business weaknesses and take the necessary actions on time. HR functions have been simplified due to the automated solutions. More features of Kronos include:

  • Team collaboration
  • Proactive alerts
  • Excellent Workforce Timekeeper
  • Automated time-tracking
  • Employee Management
  • Mobile Support
  • Self-service Portal
  • Reporting and Analytics 
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