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JobPal Overview

JobPal is a berlin based chatbot that automates communication between organizations and job applicants worldwide. This platform increases efficiency in the hiring process leading to hiring the right talent. In addition, candidates can apply for jobs through an interface of their choice, which is more engaging and intuitive.

Since its foundation in 2016, JobPal targets large enterprises that have many tasks in the recruitment process. The chatbot relieves you of major recruitment tasks so that you can concentrate on responding to applicants’ questions and engage with them where necessary. The candidates, on the other hand, are free to send job applications directly to employers. The applicants will also, through the messaging thread, answer all questions asked by employers.

JobPal not only connects you to your job applicants, but the tool also screens the candidates’ resumes, thereby recommending the most promising ones. The company has hundreds of clients generating thousands of conversations daily, making it one of the best recruitment tools.

JobPal works on various messaging tools, including WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, and SMS. This flexibility makes the communication process between you and the applicants easy and quick.

JobPal Features

Many recruiters and hiring managers have successfully placed the right candidate with JobPal since using the tool is pretty straightforward. Communication between the applicant and the recruiter has also been made easy, and you can also use this tool to hire remotely. Its efficiency and collaborative features are what makes it popular globally. 

Among the organizations that have benefited from this tool are some of the fortune 500. Do not let your recruitment processes be tedious and time-consuming when you can simply hire quickly with JobPal. What’s more, the software is cost-effective and boosts employee recognition. It also features various elements in its recruitment and communication processes, including:

  • Mobile support
  • Employer branding
  • Communication management
  • Automated communication
  • Candidate engagement
  • Pre-screening tools
  • Data protection
  • Reporting and analytics
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