The quest to find the right candidate for your job opening can be strenuous and time-consuming. The process of scheduling meetings and calling your candidates can sometimes lead to wrong choices. Jobma, founded in 2012, is a software that offers you a platform where the hiring process is made simple. You get to interview your candidates virtually using videos. You can tell their personalities by the way they present themselves and answers questions.

Jobma has its central location in Minnesota, United States, with its development center in California. Jobma continues to provide its services in 14 languages and working with big organizations. It is also partnering with recruiting platforms like job portals, applicant tracking systems, and analytical tools. Even though Jobma offers ATS integrations at no cost, it has a membership subscription fee ranging from $199 annually.

When you are looking to add video interviews to your recruiting process, it’s best to consider a cost-effective platform. Jobma lets you conduct your interviews with ease and screen your candidates for maximum efficiency.

Quick Facts
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