Successful businesses put their employees’ needs and emotions first. With satisfied employees, there will be low staff turnover and higher productivity. Having an employee benefit and compensation plan goes a long way in achieving organizational objectives. Employees choosing a benefits plan such as health insurance and retirement plan should be guided into making the best decisions favoring them. Partnering with Jellyvision helps in making the best life decisions.

Jellyvision was founded in 2001 as a privately held technology company. It walks your employees into making the best decisions, such as choosing a suitable healthcare benefit plan, save for retirement, and other financial management issues. With its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Jellyvision engages its clients in a fun and humorous manner, leading to better decisions.

Jellyvision has a SaaS communication platform for employees known as ALEX used by thousands of companies and millions of employees. ALEX continues to benefit employees to have a better understanding of their benefits plan options.

Let your employees join Jellyvision and experience quality service. Jellyvision not only reduces your HR workload, but it also saves you time and money.

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