Interseller is a powerful sales and recruitment automation platform designed to help businesses contact and connect with new candidates. The platform integrates with popular tools like LinkedIn, Gmail, and Salesforce, providing users with a streamlined way to source, reach out to, and engage with potential candidates.

One of the key features of Interseller is its automated email outreach capabilities. With Interseller, users can create customized email templates and set up automated email campaigns to reach out to potential candidates. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm to ensure that emails are sent at the optimal time for maximum impact, and it also allows users to track email open and response rates to gauge the success of their campaigns.

Interseller also provides users with a powerful CRM (customer relationship management) system to manage candidate data and communication. Users can easily import candidate data from sources like LinkedIn and organize it into customizable lists. The platform also provides users with a unified inbox where they can view and respond to all candidate communications in one place.

In addition to email outreach and CRM functionality, Interseller also offers a number of other features to help users connect with new candidates. For example, the platform allows users to automate LinkedIn outreach by sending connection requests and follow-up messages to potential candidates. It also provides users with the ability to search for new candidates using a variety of criteria, such as job title, industry, and location.

One of the key benefits of using Interseller for candidate outreach is its ability to save users time and effort. By automating many of the outreach and communication tasks involved in sourcing new candidates, Interseller allows users to focus on other important aspects of their job, such as interviewing candidates and making hiring decisions.

Interseller also provides users with valuable analytics and reporting tools to help them measure the effectiveness of their outreach and recruitment efforts. The platform provides detailed reports on metrics like email open and response rates, as well as insights into the performance of different email templates and campaigns.

Overall, Interseller is a powerful tool for businesses and recruiters looking to streamline their candidate outreach and recruitment processes. With its automated email campaigns, CRM functionality, and LinkedIn outreach capabilities, Interseller can help users connect with new candidates more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Quick Facts
  • Candidate Management
  • 2-10 employees
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