Idealist Overview

Idealist is a non-profit organization that was established in New York, in 1995. Action Without Borders is responsible for Idealist, which is a project of this global coalition bringing organizations and individuals together.  It follows a core mandate to help build a world where people are able to live dignified and free lives. This is done with mutual respect and generosity as a foundation. Idealist looks to connect idealists, which are people that are looking to do good by identifying opportunities for action globally. This organization helps people find employment, volunteer opportunities, and internships. From inception to date, in excess of 130,000 organizations all over the globe have the experience of services offered by Idealist.

On, there are hundreds of thousands of job and work opportunities that have been posted since its inception, Furthermore, this organization has carried out graduate school fairs for individuals looking to begin working in social impact careers.

This organization continues to evolve by creating Action Opportunities that enable everyone to act on issues that they care about. Through Action Opportunities, each month there is an Idealist Day for the purpose of celebrating action and possibility. Their latest addition is the Mutual Aid Groups that offer in-person and virtual opportunities for connection and sharing resources during crisis.

Idealist Features

Find employees, interns, or volunteers with the Idealist tool. It connects you to potential candidates easily with fewer costs. The tool also has powerful features that will help you manage multiple listings on a single platform. The main goal of Idealist is to make the work environment a better place. It matches you with the ideal candidates and vice versa, hence ensuring that both parties are satisfied. 

Any user will enjoy their experience with the Idealist job board. The tool has multiple features, including a user-friendly platform that has an intuitive design. More features of Idealist include the following: 

  • Job management
  • Matching engine
  • Social media engagement
  • Branding
  • Email alerts
  • Career resources
  • Mobile device support
  • Interview management
Quick Facts
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