iCIMS Talent Cloud Software

iCIMS Overview

Modern recruiting requires the use of technology, particularly cloud platforms. iCIMS is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform that assists employers to attract, engage, and hire excellent talent. It is a technology that is user-friendly allowing all types of people to benefit from the system even without high technological knowledge. The recruiting products that are on offer from the iCIMS Hiring Suite Software are best in class. They can become a part of a talent acquisition platform or suite or can be used as an individual product.

Each year, iCIMS talent cloud software helps to fill in more than 4,000,000 jobs, for over 4,000 clients. Services from iCIMS continue to grow in popularity as they enable employers to hire better talent, faster. This brilliant turnaround has made iCIMS stand out as the No. 1 in Market Share for Global Recruiting Technology. This is because iCIMS is also able to engage passive talent and proactively source talent pipelines much better than their competing products.

Candidates also enjoy engaging with iCIMS talent cloud tool since it is easy to go through the application process, even with a mobile device. Using add-on features, interacting with candidates is straightforward with all relevant information required on display. Where assistance is required, there is an excellent Help Desk available for reference.

iCIMS Talent Cloud Features

iCIMS talent acquisition software has customizable features to fit any organizational requirements. It continues to transform many organizations by offering one of the best world-renowned platforms that enable HR managers to build a solid and dedicated workforce. This applicant tracking system is also reliable and secures your information. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your organizational data being exposed. iCIMS talent cloud software has various features that make it one of the best talent and HR acquisition softwares. With its modern design platform, you are guaranteed a seamless service. 

That being said, the following are the features of iCIMS talent cloud software. 

  • Background screening
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Candidate tracking progress
  • Interview management
  • Electronic forms and signature
  • Document Management
  • Applications and assessment management
  • Employee handbook
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
  • Contact iCIMS for current pricing
  • 501-1000 employees
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