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IBM Kenexa Overview

It’s a no-brainer that employers are struggling to attract and hire the right talent. With IBM Kenexa, you are guaranteed the best service in applicant tracking to find the right talent. In addition, it offers a user-friendly interface and flexible features that make you stand out as the best employer.

IBM Kenexa was founded in 1998 and has grown tremendously ever since. Its services have proven to be one of the best in the industry and continue to attract large and successful businesses. IBM Kenexa helps you handle high applicant volume during peak hours by helping your recruiters find the suitable candidates.

The firm is both cloud-based and on-premise. This gives you the flexibility to choose what best suits your company. It also helps in talent management, which helps in the internal development of workers. With IBM Kenexa, the hiring process is made easy and quick, making you focus on other internal organizational matters.

Make your hiring process easy while saving time and money. As a result, there will be low employee turnover with the right talent leading to increased productivity, hence a peaceful workplace.

IBM Kenexa Features

IBM Kenexa uses artificial intelligence, digital certifications, personalized recommendations, and digital thinking to improve the organizational learning experience and develop a robust culture with excellent communication and reskilling. You can optimize your workforce management through its ecosystem of modern technology.

Transform your HR department with IBM Kenexa software. It offloads the overwhelming hiring duties, making the process seamless and straightforward. You will be able to attract the right talent within s short period. You will also benefit from its features that nurture employees’ talent and build an organizational culture of continuous learning. More IBM Kenexa features are:-

  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Recruitment Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Employer Branding
  • Talent Management
  • Communication Management
  • Team Collaboration
  • Self-Service Portal
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