Hubstaff Overview

David Nevogt and Jared Brown founded Hubstaff Talent in 2012. The idea came about when they were working with their employees remotely and had challenges managing them. They knew there was a way to manage, pay, and track working hours. They also had to figure out how contractors can send invoices.

Since its launch, Hubstaff Talent continues to benefit colleagues globally due to effective collaboration. Clients and contractors can hire and find work remotely. This platform saves many individuals and organizations money for recruiting and hiring because its services are free. The process of signing a membership is also easy. You only need to provide personal details, experience, work skills, rate, and resume for a contractor. Hubstaff also allows teamwork. Just create your agency profile and stand out before clients.

Located in Indiana, United States, Hubstaff Talent serves its members globally. So why stress all the time on your business when you can manage your workers through Hubstaff Talent?

Hubstaff Talent Features

Hubstaff streamlines time tracking through all devices. Organizations have been able to easily track their employee’s work progress, leading to improved productivity. The tools integrate with other HR solution software, keeping your business on track to achieving its objectives. 

If you have remote workers and are worried about Hubstaff efficiency, rest assured that many organizations successfully manage their employees with this tool. Its integration with mobile devices is what makes it even more reliable since you can still monitor your tracking progress on the go. Other features of Hubstaff include the following:

  • Compliance Management
  • Activity Tracking
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Performance Management
  • Job Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Self Service Portal
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact Hubstaff for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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