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HR Unlimited Inc Overview

HR Unlimited Inc (HRU) is a cloud-based firm providing affirmative action programs and other HR outsourcing services to all businesses regardless of size. HRU services are cost-effective, and it delivers the plans to clients within an expedited timeframe.

HRU was founded in 2001 to help small businesses handle human resource issues. The tremendous response made the firm grow even more significantly and expand its services to medium-sized and large firms, not forgetting the small businesses’ client base. The client base grew even further, making the firm introduce affirmative action plan services to its clients.

HRU has its headquarters office in Santa Ana, California. Its services have attracted many clients across the United States under Ahmed Younies, who continues to build partnerships with consulting firms in the human resource field.

Join a team that understands how to balance professional priorities while complying with the employment law. It is rare to find a firm offering legal advice while considering your business needs because this is essential in providing informed compliance solutions.

HR Unlimited Inc Features

There are various features that HR Unlimited Inc brings to your human resource department. Simply put, it simplifies the overwhelming tasks that HR professionals handle so that they may have time to focus on other duties that drive your business towards achieving its objectives. 

HRU serves businesses of all sizes. It has price plans that suit every organizational budget. Its consulting services have helped different organizations keep their businesses afloat. The tool specializes in OFCCP compliant affirmative action solutions that will protect your business’ essential government contracts. Other features of HRU include:-

  • Communication Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Team Management
  • Self-Service Portal
  • Affirmative Action Plans
  • Training Management
  • Compliance Specialist Certification
  • Compensation Management


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