HealthEquity is a unique company that administers Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) as its core product. Also, they have a range of other consumer-directed benefits that are all linked around health and wealth. To date, there are more than 12 million accounts at HealthEquity through a range of different employers. These accounts are opened through developing partnerships with these employers, as well as health and retirement plan providers and benefit advisors.

Since health needs may occur unpredictably, the HealthEquity support team are specialists who can be reached at any time of day or night. This allows for information to be available when necessary. For those who are seeking to optimize their health savings accounts, this convenience allows for quick decision making.

Those who are seeking medical and healthcare insurance solutions will enjoy the seamless integration that HealthEquity offers with their 125 health plan partners across the country. In addition to the specialist support team, HealthEquity also offers support groups in different regions to ensure that the focus remains on meeting health needs when it is necessary.

HealthEquity uses health savings accounts to ensure that all health benefits available are exceptional. This allows for mutual benefit for all, and particularly for savers, more empowerment.

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