Groom Law Group

Experienced and professional law practitioners are the force behind this brilliant law group. Founded in 1975 and located in Washington D.C., this firm specializes in retirement, benefits, and health care law. This firm boasts more than 80 attorneys who only focus on these key areas. These attorneys offer services all around the nation in various federal and state courts. Over the years, the bright and experienced practitioners have come up with methodologies to solve complex benefits challenges. Clients of all sizes benefit from the services of Groom Law Group, including those in both the public and private sectors.

This firm ensures that they create partnerships with their clients, to walk with them through each step of their legal journey. By maintaining these professional standards, the Groom Law Firm has been ranked as a top-tier law firm. In addition to managing the needs of paying clients, this firm has a strong commitment to ensuring the long-term success of their community. For this reason, support is available in the form of pro bono services where necessary. Furthermore, education, supporting women, charitable work, community service and diversity are key activities that this firm consistently focuses on. Clients can look forward to gaining knowledge as well as solutions for their legal problems.

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