Since 1924, Grant Thornton has been in operation from its main offices in Chicago. Now a global company, there are 59 commercial centers all around the United States. Furthermore, there are an additional 594 partners and managing directors in Grant Thornton officers around the world. This firm offers independent assurance, tax, and advisory services.

For benefit plan tax filings, there is a team of professionals with experience dealing with business realities from the Grant Thornton Tax section. They ensure that companies can assess and manage tax filings with ease. Reporting is done by both the advisory and audit services. The practitioners in these departments ensure that clients receive insightful reports that are highly independent and without bias. Their information ensures that they can identify value giving them the chance to make their businesses thrive.

A key element of their service offerings includes Employee Benefit plan Audits to help companies ease through the complexities of their fiduciary responsibility. An additional tax service on offer is the Year-End Tax Guide for Compensation and Benefits. The purpose of the guide is to ensure that all information on complex tax issues is easily available and understandable.

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