Excellent solutions are available for recruiters seeking to find the best teams. One of these solutions is GoodHire. The firm that developed this software started operations in 2006 and is based in Silicon Valley. This is a software that helps organisations with reliable and accurate background check results. The responses to the screening services are fast since advanced technology is utilized. Ensuring that the workflow is simple is one reason that recruiters enjoy using this software. This also has a positive effect on the candidates who can utilize the software without training or guidance.

When carrying out compliance checks, automated workflows ensure speed which is essential for companies of all sizes. The packages are customizable, and the employment screening services are comprehensive. To date, there are more than 80,000 employers who have used GoodHire to carry out excellent background checks on potential and existing staff.

The key advantages of choosing GoodHire amongst their competitors include: –

  • Faster background checks
  • Easier to use and understand
  • Less processing times
  • Excellent support at every stage

Most background checks are delivered in less than a minute, with a dispute rate that is lower than 0.1%. This software is a great option for anyone seeking unparalleled compliance expertise.

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