Flexible Retirement Planner

The Flexible Retirement Planner is a financial planning tool that is powered by Monte Carlo Simulation. Random Walk Ventures LLC is responsible for the original creation of the planner in 2006. This resource focuses on making retirement planning as easy as possible. Depending on the requirements of an organization or individual, it can build and run a professional retirement planning simulation in a short period.

Within this simulation, scenarios can be evaluated to determine what would happen in the event of certain events, especially those that are not expected. From these scenarios, financial details can be determined particularly with trends from one year to another. A sensitivity analysis will be able to reveal which inputs can be highly impactful on a plan.

One key aspect that differentiates the Flexible Retirement planner from similar products is the fact that the simulation models retirement rather than calculating for it. This is possible through consideration of how an individual spends as well as all their financial inputs. By running a life cycle for retirement at least 10,000 times, an annual path is aggregated that shows summary data as well as the overall probability of success. Results are displayed in graphs and tables for ease of understanding.

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