Fakhoury Global Immigration

Hiring a foreigner comes with its restrictions such as processing permits and visas, training and informing the foreign candidate of the law abroad.  Fakhoury independent company helps you handle such cases.

Fakhoury first opened its doors in 1997. It is an immigration law firm that counsels organizations on matters hiring and transferring of foreign employees to the united states. Located in Michigan, it has offices around the globe including, Texas, India, California, New York, and Florida. With over 100 legal staffs who have experience and expertise, Fakhoury keeps handling immigration cases successfully.

Fakhoury is also a member of the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers(ABIL). This membership has set a standard for them, and you can be sure to receive the best of service. As much as they participate in charity and community service, Fakhoury also has members from different nationality and race.

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