ExpertRating Overview

Before any potential employee can become a part of an organization, it is crucial to learn as much about them as possible. Expert Rating is a company that was founded in 2001, and it offers pre-employment testing services. The modern solutions available have led to interaction with more than 6,500 companies, including large entities like Walmart, Fox News, UpWork, and IKEA. A testament to the quality of service is the ISO 9001-2015 rating that this platform has received.

One significant advantage of using ExpertRating employment testing solutions is cost saving. Research from the Department of Labor reveals that hiring a manager who is not the right fit can result in an annual loss of up to $300,000. In addition, it is easy to start with this system as demos are available within minutes. 

Furthermore, employers can choose to begin by making payments per test to better control their expenses. Taking their services a step further, ExpertRating has a combined total of 66 comprehensive online courses, eBooks, tutorials, and other educational resources available. The courses include certification and are highly affordable, with an average cost of $100. Taking these courses can help any candidate elevate their chances of hire during the pre-employment testing process.

ExpertRating Features

This tool has excellent features to help with candidate screening and the overall recruitment process. Its intuitive design and user-friendly platform make you enjoy the screening process even more. Additionally, ExpertRating develops a candidate’s career through skill certifications. Therefore, job seekers using this tool also have a better chance of finding their dream jobs. 

ExpertRating has gained global recognition through its seamless services. Its pricing will depend on the size of your company and budget. It is the perfect tool to streamline your candidate screening procedures without being biased. Some of the features available on ExpertRating include: –

  • Detailed Reporting 
  • Customizable Testing Options
  • A Range of Payment Options
  • Training Management
  • Communication Management
  • In-depth Analysis
  • Mobile Support
Quick Facts
  • Information Technology and Services
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  • 201-500 employees
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