Companies of all sizes are consistently sourcing their staff from all around the world. This requires a global immigration services provider that can ensure the process is seamless. Envoy Global Inc provides these services. This company was found in 1998 and has been able to handle more than 30,000 cases from more than 2,000 customers. Solutions are offered through an immigration management platform that can cater to an international workforce.

Envoy Global uses a combination and professional legal representation as well as technology. These ensure that both the inbound and outbound immigration processes meet the strategic needs of an organization. The legal advice offered by Envoy covers all types of services that are rooted in workforce immigration issues. These services include: –

  • Global Immigration Services
  • S. Immigration Services
  • Analytics
  • Compliance Management

This company ensures that companies can capitalize on the global marketplace. It makes it possible to hire, mobilize, and manage the best talent using one simple platform. International talent is now available simple and direct. Support is available for the entire process, from recruitment right through to maintaining the comfort of employees. Management is always able to access the Envoy system with mobility and security.

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