Economic Research Institute

Getting information online is the most effective way to research today. The Economic Research Institute (ERI) is a software program that is easy to use for those seeking information on salary, competitive wage, and incentive surveys. Since its inception in 1989, more than 10,000 job titles have been studied. From the findings, comprehensive compensation analytics have been established and are kept in an extensive survey library. It has also made available compensation applications that are accessible by both public and private organizations.

The information that can be found on ERI includes data on the cost of living, executive compensation, and survey information. This data is highly comprehensive spanning across more than 1,100 industry sectors in at least 9,000 locations. Both local and international companies seeking to set up excellent office compensation structures refer to the analytical information that is produced by the ERI. To access this information, individuals and companies can subscribe to receive periodic research.

ERI takes extensive steps to ensure that all their information is accurate so that all who access the data can rely on it. The scientists that are employed to ensure this are Ph.D. level data scientists who work together with seasoned compensation professionals.

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