E-Laws stands for Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses. This assistance includes professional advisors who can utilize online tools that are highly interactive to help employers and employees. The tools available are created by the U.S. Department of Labor with the design to education individuals and companies on federal employment laws, and all the rights and responsibilities. Through elaws, it is simple to understand a range of employment laws.

When connecting with an advisor, the interactions are designed to mimic that of an employment law expert. This ensures that the information and advice shared focuses on the specific circumstance or situation being faced.

When an individual accesses elaws, they can connect to a range of other resources such as employer.gov and worker.gov to answer questions and get information. Furthermore, the elaws advisors fall within various categories as follows: –

  • Pay and Benefits
  • Posters and Recordkeeping
  • Safety and Health
  • Youth Employment
  • Federal Contractor
  • Veterans’ Issues
  • Mining Industry
  • All Advisors

Organizations that want their staff to benefit from the information on elaws can do so by creating a direct link from their website to the elaws advisor’s website. This offers quick legal assistance for workers as well as small businesses.

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