The U.S Department of Labor (DOL) is a government office established to cater to the welfare of the American workforce. These include job seekers, wage earners as well as retirees. Its core mandate is to develop programs that elevate working conditions. Furthermore, it promotes programs that create advanced employment opportunities while ensuring that work-related rights and benefits are adhered to.

Through this department, workers can secure their futures as it is also tasked with the protection of health and retirement benefits. For employers, the DOL can be referred to when seeking workers or looking to strengthen collective bargaining with unions.

Some trends and issues are constantly evolving in the employment sector. The DOL tracks these changes, especially on prices and employee numbers. This information is shared with the public for ease of reference and to offer guidance with payment. Federal labor laws are also administered through the DOL, allowing both employees and employers a point of reference with human resource issues.

The DOL works in cohesion with various agencies and programs for consistent reviews, initiatives and administrative tasks to be adequately enacted. For consistent and continuous education, special events are held periodically and updated on the website.

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