Dice Overview

Online solutions allow human resource managers from all around the country to source staff as and when they are needed. Dice is a leading online platform, that has more than three million profiles for technology professionals in the United States. It is also amongst the largest tech job boards in Europe. This site allows potential employers to connect with highly skilled and specialized professionals. The professionals that can be found include IT, tech, and engineering jobs.

In addition to finding professionals, Dice also provides information through insights and data. This ensures that recruiters can identify trends and understand any changes happening within the industry.

The services from Dice can be accessed directly online, as well as on mobile devices through a download at the App Store or Google Play Store. This is a highly reputable job posting site, where job postings are put up at a premium. However, potential employers can search through the resumes on the site with a simple subscription that is charged on an annual basis.

Dice Features

Finding a reliable tool for recruiting professionals in the IT industry is challenging. Most of the recruiting tools out there help source candidates in all sectors, making it even harder to identify the right candidate. With Dice, your problem is taken care of, and you will efficiently source and hire the right IT professional. Using Dice is pretty straightforward. You simply have to copy your job description and paste it on this tool’s dashboard. It will then search and list the most suitable candidates for your open position.

That said, below are some of Dice’s features:

  • Job marketing and management
  • Matching engine
  • Resume management
  • Social media integration
  • Mobile device support
  • Skills Center
  • Professional Support
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact Dice for current pricing
  • 1,001-5,000 employees
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