DBDescriptions Overview

Employers can bring out their best attributes if they know what is expected of them. DBDescriptions is a part of a larger company known as DB Squared. DBDescriptions is a system that is web-based, with the mandate to automate the creation of job descriptions. It has a range of automatic features that enable Recruitment and HR Managers to go through a step-by-step process and quickly create a job description. For reference, there is an extensive library of fully customizable job descriptions. Anyone can benefit from using this platform as it allows for ease of collaboration.

The job descriptions that are available through this platform are highly comprehensive, which can be explained by a brief review of the company history. The parent company DB Squared was created as a collaboration between a business and management consulting firm, the Johanson Group, and an Applied Computer Technology company. This business background helps in providing descriptions that apply to businesses, covering a range of job titles. 

DBDescriptions Features

One way to attract quality talent is through a detailed job description. By using the DBDescriptions tool, you do not need to worry about the quality of your job description because it does all this work for you. Small and large companies can both benefit from this tool, but they will have to pay subscription fees, which vary based on every business need. All in all, you definitely need this tool in your organization.  

In addition to job descriptions, the other features of DBDescriptions include the following: –

  • Human Resource Integration
  • Job Evaluations
  • Compensation Management
  • Compliance and Best practices
  • Salary Administration
  • Salary Surveys
  • HR Technology
  • Consulting
Quick Facts
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