Compose Suite by Decusoft

The Compose Suite is a comprehensive HR software solution designed to help organizations manage their workforce compensation more effectively. This suite of products includes several modules that can be used independently or integrated to provide a complete HR solution. The Compose Suite is offered by Decusoft, a leading provider of software solutions for HR and benefits administration.

The Compose Suite includes the following modules:

Compose Recruitment:

This module provides a complete solution for recruiting and hiring employees. It includes applicant tracking, resume parsing, and job posting tools. Compose Recruitment allows HR professionals to easily manage the hiring process from start to finish, including job requisitions, candidate selection, and background checks.

Compose HRIS:

The Compose HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a comprehensive HR management system that allows organizations to manage employee data, benefits, and compensation. The system includes self-service portals for employees, managers, and HR administrators, making it easy to manage HR tasks and automate processes.

Compose Benefits:

The Compose Benefits module provides a comprehensive benefits administration solution that includes enrollment, eligibility management, and billing. The module also includes tools for tracking employee benefits usage and generating reports on benefit costs and usage.

Compose Payroll:

This module provides a complete payroll processing solution, including tax management, time and attendance tracking, and compliance reporting. Compose Payroll makes it easy to manage payroll for any size organization and provides comprehensive reporting on payroll data.

Compose ACA:

The Compose ACA (Affordable Care Act) module provides tools for managing compliance with the ACA, including tracking employee eligibility and generating reports for the IRS. The module includes alerts and notifications to ensure organizations stay on top of changing regulations and requirements.

Compose Onboarding:

The Compose Onboarding module provides a complete solution for managing the onboarding process, including new hire paperwork, training, and orientation. The module includes customizable workflows and templates to streamline the onboarding process and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.

The Compose Suite is a comprehensive compensation software solution that provides a complete solution for managing the workforce compensation in any organization. Whether you need to manage recruiting, benefits, payroll, or compliance, the Compose Suite has a module that can help. The suite is designed to be flexible and customizable, making it easy to adapt to the needs of any organization. With the Compose Suite, organizations can streamline HR processes, improve data accuracy, and increase productivity, all while reducing costs and minimizing risk.

Quick Facts
  • Compensation Management
  • 51-200 employees
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