Compensation Venture Group

Compensation Venture Group (CVG) is a consulting firm that was founded in the West Coast in 2006. This company offers a range of services around compensation strategy, equity-based compensation, director and executive compensation and incentive design. The companies that are the target for these services are those that are seeking entrepreneurial growth. The key focus are those companies that are working towards making a social impact, as well as mature sustainable companies.

This company is known for creating innovative programs that are applicable in unique company environments. The aim of these programs is to ensure that all stakeholders are able to experience business success.

Using the tools, proprietary models and methodologies that are a part of CVG, the following can be serviced: –

  • Peer Group Development
  • Equity Plan Design
  • Total Compensation Analysis
  • Equity Grant Allocation
  • Compensation Governance
  • Wealth Accumulation Modelling

CVG is able to meet their client needs through a strong global network. This network is formed through partnerships and alliances with other companies so that holistic solutions and programs can be formed. In addition to strategy and compensations solutions, CVG is able to offer expert witness and litigation support for matters that deal with regulation issues.

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