Compensation Consulting Consortium

Compensation Consulting Consortium also known as 3C, is a consulting firm that offers client-focused compensation services. The focus of this company is to elevate the value of businesses through creating effective total reward programs. This is done through various services, including market assessment, custom surveys, base pay, and variable pay pan designs, sales compensation, compensation committee advisors, and outsourcing as well as interactive training.

Pay programs from 3C have designs that focus on the market and performance. This is done through a strategy that reviews the methods of compensation a company chooses, and reasons for this choice. The strategy basis is analysis that seeks to identify gaps and close them, thus ensuring that compensation is competitive. 3C operates with a process approach of consulting and understanding for close relations between pay and performance. All recommendations are made based on extensive research to ensure that solutions are validated. Troubleshooting is part of the planning offerings in case of any changes in staffing or organizational development.

To ensure that all clients choosing 3C are up to date with the latest trends and issues, a knowledge center is available through their website. In this center, expert research and analysis are available covering various key human resource topics.

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