Clearwater Human Capital

Clearwater Human Capital is a Chicago based firm that is a pioneer in pay for performance and compensation consulting. The company is fully specialised in compensation consulting and caters to the needs of small, medium and large businesses. It has a clear presence around the nation. Each engagement with one of the consultants looks to achieve three core goals which are: –

  1. Ensuring employees have exposure to growth opportunities through meaningful work.
  2. Elevating return on investment based on employee wages and input.
  3. Being socially responsible with all the success attained. This is done by making donations worth 7.5% of their profits to a range of charities that support clear water.

To meet these goals, there are seven areas of expertise that are a key focus. These are compensation strategy, performance management, incentive pay, base pay management, executive pay, sales compensation and gain sharing.

The rates of offer by Clearwater Human Capital are highly affordable, especially in comparison with the competitors. To ensure that customer needs are dealt with in record time, the consultants are highly responsive, ensuring all enquiries are addressed within one day. With the experience of creating programs for more than 500 organizations, this firm stands out and makes an impact.

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