The process of hiring new candidates can sometimes be overwhelming because of the steps employers use in vetting the right candidate. Getting the right reference information on a candidate usually is the last part of the employment journey. The process can sometimes take days or weeks to complete. Still, you might end up with a wrong candidate who fakes the identity of a referee.

With Checkmate, no more hustle since you get all the information you need within minutes! Checkmate also verifies the identity of a referee and reduces fraud through a unique algorithm. Just choose or design a type of questionnaire, and Checkmate will do the rest.

Checkmate is an automatic online based software that checks and gathers reference information. The applicants select appropriate referees through a software link. The software will then contact the referees who will finish the procedure wherever they are. This process can take up to an average of 24 hours to complete depending on the number of referees. Checkmate is flexible, therefore providing easy access to the referees and candidates worldwide.

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