CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services Inc

CBIZ Benefits and Insurance Services Inc is an insurance firm that was founded in 1997. It offers insurance agent and broker services to businesses so as to meet insurance and benefits needs for individual and commercial clients. From the premise that insurance services are highly specialized, this firm helps businesses focus on growth and profitability, while catering to a range of tax benefits and insurance services. There are two core values that guide all the activities by CBIZ, and these are ‘Our people matter’ and ‘We do the right thing’. Clients thus look forward to experiencing service with integrity that gives them solution.

Although the main office is in Tucson, Arizona, services from CBIZ are available to clients in major metropolitan areas and suburban cities around the US. This is because it is one of the top 20 largest brokers in the U.S. Solutions that are available are highly customized to meet the specific needs of their clients. This personal attention ensures that clients benefit from the freedom of being able to focus on their business needs and achieve efficiency. With CBIZ, strategic solutions that are highly dynamic ensure that insurance offerings meet the clients as they require.

Quick Facts
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