CareerBuilder Overview

CareerBuilder began operations in 1995, as a global end-to-end human capital solutions company. The company operates in four areas including the United States, Asia, Europe, and Canada. It is a tool for employers who seek to find, hire, and manage magnificent talent. As a leader in recruiting solutions, this platform brings together software, advertising, and other services to offer lasting solutions. Through CareerBuilder, employment screening is available, as well as human capital management. Some of the services available include: –

  • Job Boards
  • Recruitment and HR Software Solutions
  • Search Engine
  • Labor Markets Information
  • Career Search Services

Companies that have an interest in serious recruitment choose CareerBuilder. There is a subscription fee that is dependent on the number of monthly job postings that a company wishes to make. This subscription fee is payable on a monthly basis. Job seekers who are looking for positions can access the site for free.

The solutions that are on offer are AI-powered, focusing on human capital management, employment screening, and talent acquisition recruiting platforms. CareerBuilder uses data and technology to drive innovation in human capital management. This website empowers employment by making it easier for job seekers and potential employers to connect.

CareerBuilder Features

CareerBuilder is one of the excellent tools that you need for your recruiting process. It benefits both the employer and job seekers, which also makes it unique. The fact that job seekers can access it for free, makes it easier for you to connect with a pool of job applicants and choose quality talent.

CareerBuilder has left a good impression among its users. Companies that have a history with the tool are impressed by the services offered, including candidate screening which saves you time. With this tool’s single dashboard, it is easier for you to monitor job applicants’ status and make informed decisions. Take a look below at other features of CareerBuilder software.

  • Employment screening
  • Batch processing
  • Online applications
  • Self-service portal
  • Employer branding
  • Communication management
  • Status tracking
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • Contact CareerBuilder for current pricing
  • 1001-5000 employees
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