Calendly Overview

Technology solutions can help improve office processes, making them more efficient and resulting in higher productivity. Calendly is a video meeting tool that helps with scheduling. Whereas other platforms may require constant communication through back and forth emails, Calendly offers a direct solution. It is highly popular, with more than five million monthly users.

This solution can easily be integrated with a number of calendars including Outlook, Google, iCloud, and Office 365. This allows for easier tracking and prevents double bookings. In addition, it is flexible and able to schedule collective availability meetings, one on one, and round robin interactions. As attendees are preparing for a meeting, Calendly is able to collect important details and questions from attendees, so that pre-meeting briefing can be done with ease.

Companies that are global appreciate Calendly as it is able to easily schedule meetings across time zones to ensure everyone can log on when required. When a meeting is set up, all invitations and confirmations are logged. Before the meetings, attendees receive reminders through text messages and emails to bring down the occurrences of no-shows.

There is no set-up necessary with this system, including for privacy and other controls. At the end of the meeting, all notes can be collated and shared with attendees.

Calendly Features

Improve your organizational functions with efficient meeting scheduling features from Calendly. Interestingly, the tool integrates with various organizational calendars for seamless tracking. It is also flexible, meaning that small companies can also benefit from it. The pricing of this tool varies depending on the needs and size of your organization. It is also efficient on mobile devices and you can receive notifications even while on the move. Thousands of organizations continue to benefit from its features that include the following: 

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Automated scheduling 
  • Collaboration tools
  • Email management
  • Online access
  • Online bookings and appointments
  • Calendar sync
  • Real-time scheduling
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
  • Contact Calendly for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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