Betterment is a leading independent financial technology company with its main office in New York City. Many people underestimate the importance of saving for retirement. With Betterment, it is possible to envision a different kind of retirement with the right plan in place. This is through the creation of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Each individual receives a personal review so that they can meet their retirement goals. This ensures that the plans a person has for their life after retirement can bear fruit.

Betterment estimates that it is possible to earn up to 38% more over 30 years. To make this possible, this firm offers advice and uses its ever-ready tax-smart technology. For a seamless transition, automatic withdrawals can be set up so that at certain periods, funds deposits are made into checking accounts.

For employers, Betterment makes it easier to offer a 401(k) plan in minutes, at costs much lower than a host of other providers. In addition to the traditional plan, the advisory services available ensure that employees can get the insight they need to help them make and meet future financial goals.

This firm is the right choice for employers and employers to elevate their cash management and receive guidance on planning for retirement.

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