is amongst the first E-Government initiatives. It was initially launched as in 2002 for the U.S. government. The name was changed to in 2010 when cloud hosting services were launched. This initiative intends to be the official benefits website for the government. Through this site, it has become much simpler and more affordable for the government to interact with citizens. It acts as a single-source technology-based solution for disseminating information to millions of Americans. It covers the benefits that are available across multiple states for Federal and State Government entities, as well as private entities.

Navigating through the site can be done with ease due to an intelligent recommendation engine. This engine can narrow down the location of the user and customize results to match their possible needs. There is no need to move from one site to another as offers intergovernmental collaboration. Sites that connect to this platform include,, and

The service offering is available to all through a technology platform. It can be accessed remotely, offering content management and digital communication. Furthermore, analytics reporting offers clear information to aid in faster decision making. collaborates with various federal agencies to ensure that it has comprehensive strategic guidance.

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