Benefitfocus offers cloud-based benefits software solutions since it was founded in 2000. It is powered by AI and makes use of professional benefits technology to more than 20 million customers around the world. These are available for employers, consumers, brokers, and insurance carriers. Employers access Benefitfocus through an excellent cloud-based software. Insights from this software are data driven to ensure that they meet the specific needs of employers, their insurance carriers, and brokers. Employers who choose this software benefit from elevated employee engagement and higher returns on their benefits investment. The services available from this software assist other stakeholders including: –

  • Brokers who are seeking a way to design and deliver customizable benefits strategy
  • Partners seeking exposure by reaching the millions of customers on the platform
  • Managers seeking to create a competitive advantage by offering excellent health plans

This software is able to use benefits technology and collate all the different benefits in one place. This enables ease of management, as well as clear education for all employees. Employees are able to view their old benefits and usage so that they can make informed decisions on any future plans. Connecting different people on a single platform ensures that there is a strong benefits ecosystem that creates value for all.

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