Aurion Overview

Large companies employ many people and keeping track of each individual is a challenge for any human resource manager. Aurion Analytics offers businesses the ability to create a full picture of their workforce. Information that the system collects translates into insights that can help guide better business decisions and elevate operations. The information display is done using visual dashboards and reports so that key performance indicators can stand out with ease.

For managers seeking recruitment solutions, Aurion automates selection activities. This is essential as often, there are large numbers of applicants and it is necessary to process them as quickly as possible. Online questions with automatic responses ensure that all applicants receive communication after they apply for a position.

Using Aurion cuts down on time and effort for recruiting the right people to fill in vacant positions. The biggest benefit is that data entry is cut down exponentially, as the system stores all information with ease.

Aurion Features

The features of Aurion software are customizable with price plans that suit any organization’s budget. It’s now easy to manage your workforce with the Aurion tool since it has a team management feature that enables you to quickly make informed decisions. 

Organizations using this tool boasts of improved productivity since they are able to identify their organizational weakness and handle them on time. Recruiters benefit from using checklists, and visual displays that reveal each applicant’s progress in the recruitment process. Some features organizations can benefit from include: –

  • Recruitment campaigns for both multiple and single vacancies
  • Jobseeker registration
  • Scheduling interviews with applicants and interview panels
  • Online applications
  • Key recruitment statistics maintenance
  • Tracking time taken to fill in available positions and so much more
  • Communication Management
  • Reporting and Analytics
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
  • Contact Aurion for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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