Serving clients worldwide, AGM Benefit Solution uses up-to-date technology to offer assistance solutions to its partners. This technology manages employee data through integration, enrolment, and administration, offering a compliant system for any company. Whether billing, or compliance, the AGM Benefit Solution is comprehensive and flexible to meet any company’s needs. Streamlined for easy use, it makes benefit solutions accessible.

Communicating benefits to employees is one of the HR department’s challenges. By taking advantage of the Benefit Solution, one of the integrated options is a useful portal for employees. So, no matter where the employee may be located, they receive the necessary online data. Other tools provided to the HR department include enrolment or termination documents required. All data is secure and protected.

Employees will benefit from the AGM Enrolment Solution so that they may be kept up to date regarding their records. Call centres, onsite and online options are available. Employee enrolment is done immediately with an accessible team providing any needed support service.

In addition, AGM partners brokers or consultant tools such as insurance or underwriting for voluntary benefit packages. Marketing materials, such as customised brochures, are designed specifically to the company’s needs offering clear, precise benefit platform options.

AGM Benefit Solution’s corporate office is in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. More offices are located in Dallas and New Orleans.

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