The largest federal employee union is the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). Founded in 1932, its mandate is for all unions to be part of the House of Labor. Currently, D.C. and federal government workers are represented with close to 700,000 people. Within this number, 313,000 active members pay dues. Workers from the private sector are also able to be members, with several hundred represented so far.

Across the nation, there are 987 local chapters. It is possible to join even when an individual does not have a chapter near their location. The members represent both national and international employees serving people across functions and serves various roles. These include legislative advocacy, legal representation, informational services, and technical expertise.

It shares core interests and messages with employees. These include ensuring good working conditions for government employees, as well as advocating for their fair pay. The AFGE also takes on the role of expanded employee bargaining rights to elevate change for the worker’s lives. The types of workers represented include professionals like lawyers, scientists, doctors, and so on. Other workers represented include food inspectors, computer programmers, park rangers, security officers, and more. It is managed by the National Executive Council, comprising of national vice presidents and three executive officers.

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