ADP GlobalView HCM

To help manage the Human Resource Capital challenge, the ADP GlobalView offers a cloud-based solution. This software captures various solutions including payroll, tax administration, benefits management, analytics, tracking of time and attendance, and talent management. It can consolidate all the HR information for ease of success.

HR managers responsible for working across states or countries find this solution excellent for managing sensitive data. The software also has multi-lingual capabilities to ensure there is no breakdown of information between various stations. It maintains high levels of security and ensures standard administrative HR processes across the board.

All the information that is produced can be accessed in real-time. This ensures clarity on staff management including over and understaffing, as well as any absences. The overall design of this solution is to make sure that all systems are simple and accessible.

This software has numerous benefits with the most significant being the ease of business operations management. To ensure proper use, support services are available through phone calls and email. For faster reference, users are also able to access video tutorials that explain every aspect of the software. This offers managers the unique ability to have a total HR management solution at their fingertips.

Quick Facts
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