Active Hire Overview

Active Hire is a free job search engine that simplifies the process of hiring and applying for jobs. Employers, as well as eager applicants, can streamline and maximize their search with a few simple clicks rather than visiting countless job sites and head hunters.

Active Hire has a few unique features that separate it from a simple job board or job search tool for applicants. 

In addition to traditional instruments such as location filters and email, updated applicants can sharpen their job query and quicken their application process using the ‘Smart Search’ engine and ‘Quick Apply’ system. The ‘Smart Search’ engine adds synonyms and varied word choices to multiply the potential jobs in response to the query, while the ‘Quick Apply’ allows you to upload one resume to hundreds of jobs at once.

The combination of these methods ensures a deep and thorough search for a job.

Similarly, companies looking to hire qualified candidates can narrow the field. Companies only need to upload one job description, which distributes to high-traffic job boards, social media sites, and other locations where people do not post resumes on job boards. Active Hire will even scour its database for both active and passive hires to give companies a thorough search for qualified candidates with work experience. 

For an even more individualized search, companies can add interview questions for the applicant to answer to ensure they are right for a position. The companies can export any interested applicants into consolidated accessible document files which they can analyze at their leisure.

Active Hire Features

Active Hire features various elements to help you meet the best candidate. With its RecruitAssist system, job ads are displayed primarily to the most suitable candidates. This way, reviewing resumes will be simplified, making you hire fast. This software is easy to use for both small and large businesses. You can advertise your job posting on thousands of sources which attracts applicants from diverse backgrounds. 

Job seekers also upload their resumes, including their work abilities and talent, which improves their chances of landing their dream jobs. It is also free for usage for job applicants, and employers get to pay a subscription fee based on their organizational requirements.

Other core features of Active Hire includes:

  • Applicant Screening
  • Social Media Sharing
  • RecruitAssist Job Matching
  • Job Posting
  • Export Resumes
  • Employer Branding
  • Self Service Portal
  • Communication Management
Quick Facts
  • Construction
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  • 11-50 employees
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