Accordant is an affordable online-based software that is both intuitive and affordable. Perfect for boutique companies to maximize their space and for corporations to keep track of their expanding locations. Accordant is a simple solution to optimize workflow in changing environments.

The unique features for Accordant are easily accessible and are individualized to suit an office’s particular needs. Anyone in the office can take a focused training course to learn how to use this tool to fulfill their specific needs negating the need to hire an architect. The website also includes twenty-four-hour customer support specialists who can guide users through any difficulties that may arise.

There are nearly limitless possibilities for arranging and rearranging spaces. These features include change management and occupancy management tools. The user can explore their area using floor plan maps, heat maps, and viewpoints from inside and outside the building. These tools are ideal for small adjustments to a workspace, complete remodel, or significant moves to any given real estate. The software helps the user visualize the potential costs and scenarios associated with both small adjustments and drastic changes in the workplace in one neat simplified location.

Accordant can even be used to streamline workflow and analyze ongoing projects. Businesses can expand the use of this product through space reservations at desks and conference rooms in multiple cities. The analytics feature identifies places for employee expansion in projects as well as workspaces. Expanding businesses can identify crisis points within the workplace to ensure they have the optimal worker to desk ratio and can still develop if needed. It can track the growth of the company and compare numerous spaces for expanding corporations.

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