Venable LLP is a law practice that has evolved and now offers a wide range of services. Since it began operations in 1900, the service offerings now include a network of trusted advisers who serve organizations, businesses, and individuals as well. The firm has more than 850 professionals working around the world. They work together with clients to identify the most pressing objectives that are to be achieved and the fastest and most effective way to meet these objectives.

This law firm specializes in business and corporate law, government affairs, complex litigation as well as intellectual property. The corporate defense is their core strength, with large companies including Ford Motor Co, Wal-Mart, ExxonMobil, and Merck using their services.

Venable serves companies and individuals in all industries, with professionals that include former regulators, members of Congress, senior government staffers, and other high-profile individuals. Client Service is of high quality and cost-effective due to the use of excellent technology for advanced documentation and management. Furthermore, collaborative planning means that professionals at the firm can work closely with in house legal teams to ensure great results and cost-effective processes.

This firm goes beyond daily practice, and also ensure that communities are supported economically and socially. Opportunities and resources are made available to ensure that the firm can make an impact.

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