N.C. Department of Labor

N.C. Department of labor, located in North Carolina, aims to make North Carolina a peaceful place to work. Its mission is to provide citizens with the best services, including a conducive work environment for all. N.C. Department of Labor also investigates workplace accidents and deaths to get a clear insight into the reasons behind such tragedies and a solution to keep it from recurring.

Firms that go against the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) regulations are investigated and scheduled for follow-ups. N.C. Department of Labor does the follow-ups to see if they have implemented the required OSH workplace regulations.

The department also ensures employers implement other workplace rules such as condemning workplace discrimination, drug testing for all workers, planning workers’ benefits and compensation, and understanding employers’ responsibilities. N.C. Department of labor assists employees solve wage disputes by accepting filed complaints from employees to see if it’s worth pursuing.

Stay abreast with the employment laws and know when it changes to keep the N.C. Department of Labor away. Being knowledgeable of the law and implementing it, where applicable, gives you a peaceful working environment.

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