Weirdly is a cloud-based recruitment software designed to help companies streamline their hiring process and find the best candidates for their open positions. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in New Zealand and serves clients around the world.

The platform is based on a unique algorithm that matches job seekers with open positions based on their skills, experience, and personality traits. This algorithm uses a combination of machine learning and psychometric testing to assess candidates and ensure that they are a good fit for the company culture and the role they are applying for.

One of the key features of Weirdly is its customizable candidate screening process. Companies can create their own set of questions that are tailored to their specific needs and culture. This ensures that candidates are not only qualified for the job but also aligned with the company’s values and goals.

Weirdly also integrates with popular applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job boards, allowing companies to manage their recruitment process from a single platform. The platform provides detailed analytics and reports on each candidate, allowing companies to track their progress throughout the hiring process and make data-driven decisions.

Another unique feature of Weirdly is its focus on diversity and inclusion. The platform helps companies identify unconscious biases in their recruitment process and provides tools to eliminate them. For example, the platform can hide candidates’ names and photos during the screening process to ensure that candidates are evaluated based on their qualifications alone.

Weirdly also provides companies with tools to create more inclusive job descriptions and job postings. The platform analyzes job descriptions for gendered language and provides suggestions for more inclusive language. This helps companies attract a more diverse pool of candidates and create a more inclusive workplace.

In addition to its recruitment software, Weirdly also offers consulting services to help companies improve their recruitment process and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. The company’s team of experts provides training on topics such as unconscious bias, inclusive hiring practices, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Overall, Weirdly is a powerful tool for companies looking to streamline their recruitment process, find the best candidates for their open positions, and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace. With its unique algorithm, customizable screening process, and focus on diversity and inclusion, Weirdly is a valuable asset for any company looking to improve their hiring process.

Quick Facts
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  • 11-50 employees
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