Twitter Overview

Twitter is an affordable tool to brand and market your company quickly and efficiently. The social media site even gives a series of introductory guides to help maximize Twitter for company use. Twitter Business includes Twitter Ads, Twitter Ads for Agencies, and Interest-Based Targeting.

Twitter Ads includes creative ad formats, goals, and budget-setting assistance. They include several services that fit within your bid and budget. The advertisement formats Twitter uses focuses on creating more conversions and shares through actionable metrics and engagement. Many of their arrangements include pictures, different video formats, and polls to draw in potential clients. They now also include an app install feature to ensure quick purchases for companies. They also inspire repeat purchases through their app re-engagement campaign tools.

Twitter also contains a separate section for Twitter Ads for Agencies to help them manage multiple accounts. This section includes individualized re-enrollment campaigns and insert-order options to help automate the advertisement and payment process for agencies. It also includes tools such as Trend Spotlight and Trend, which will prioritize your clients’ campaigns on their trends list and optimize the views and conversions a brand will receive.

Lastly, it includes Interest-based Targeting, which finds the best audience for a company’s brand. The Audience Manager includes multiple tools to find the appropriate audience for a company and to expand an audience. The website uses secure data sharing lists to help companies and agencies tag the relevant people for engagement and re-engagement based on previous or similar interests in other campaigns.

Twitter Features

Twitter is one of the powerful tools that employers can use to markets their businesses. This tool will help you connect to the latest trends in the business market, which could be beneficial in knowing how your business brand’s reputation. In addition, you can easily reach and engage with a new audience who can end up being your brand ambassadors. 

The best way that you can fully utilize Twitter is to take your company’s promotions on the platform. Create a customer service account so that you will be able to cater to any concerns or questions in a timely manner. Although the tool is free for usage, you can opt to pay a little fee for Twitter Ads, which could end up driving traffic to your website.

Like other business marketing tool, Twitter has the following features:

  • Real-time conversations
  • Automated Marketing 
  • Unlimited followers
  • Twitter fleets to engage your followers
  • Built-in newsletter tools
  • Advanced search engine
  • Twitter Ads for wider reach
  • Supported on mobile devices
Quick Facts
  • Internet
  • 1001-5000 employees
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