Top Echelon is a leading recruitment software and network that helps recruiters and staffing agencies find and place the right candidates with their clients. The company was founded in 1988 and has since then been providing recruitment solutions to its customers across various industries.

Top Echelon offers a variety of recruitment services, including job postings, resume databases, applicant tracking systems (ATS), and a network of recruiters who can help fill open positions. The platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools and resources designed to make the recruitment process more efficient and effective.

One of the primary benefits of Top Echelon is its network of recruiters. The company has a large network of recruiters who work with clients to find and place the best candidates for their open positions. This network allows recruiters to tap into a wider pool of candidates, giving them access to a greater variety of talent than they might be able to find on their own. The network also enables recruiters to share job orders and candidates with each other, which can help them fill positions more quickly.

Top Echelon’s ATS is another important tool for recruiters. The ATS is designed to help recruiters manage the recruitment process more efficiently. It allows them to track candidate applications, schedule interviews, and communicate with candidates throughout the recruitment process. The system also provides analytics and reporting features that enable recruiters to track their progress and identify areas where they can improve their recruitment efforts.

Top Echelon also provides job posting services. Recruiters can post job openings to the platform and have them distributed to a variety of job boards and social media sites. This can help them reach a larger audience of potential candidates and increase the visibility of their job openings.

In addition to these services, Top Echelon also offers a resume database. The database contains millions of resumes from candidates across various industries and disciplines. Recruiters can search the database to find candidates who match their clients’ requirements and qualifications. This can save recruiters time and effort by allowing them to quickly identify and contact potential candidates.

Overall, Top Echelon is a comprehensive recruitment platform that provides a range of tools and services to help recruiters find and place the right candidates with their clients. The platform’s network of recruiters, ATS, job posting services, and resume database make it an effective solution for staffing agencies and recruiters who are looking to improve their recruitment processes and increase their placement rates.


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