Textio Overview

Textio or Textio Flow is a writing platform that enhances your writing skills, helps you find your brand voice, reduces bias, and speaks the language of the right talent communities. The tool can be integrated into another H.R tool Workday Recruiting to generally improve your employees’ writing and ensure it reflects your values.

Textio is mainly used to write engaging and dynamic content for open job descriptions in a company. Textio gives writing a score by revealing gender-coded language that companies are unconsciously using as well as stiff business jargon that might make potential candidates turn away from their offer. Employers can use their custom job post templates, and create a content library from the job descriptions that received the highest Textio scores, and received the best feedback according to Textio’s analytics tools. The more their employees write, the better Textio’s future recommendations will be.

Using Textio Flow recruiters can plug in a keyword or start writing the job description, and Textio Flow will finish the sentences for them. Textio Flow works with the writer and uses the content library to anticipate and complete sentences based on previously successful writing, saving countless hours and strengthening the company brand and culture.

Companies can also adapt Textio and Textio Flow for email overtures and interviews in the hiring process. Using Textio’s writing method, recruiters can customize their language for specific teams, and passive and active candidates to improve their communications skills in emails and texts. They can also use this tool for other forms of writing, such as interview and referral questions, to ensure they are using receptive language that will attract potential candidates.

Textio Features

Every time you write content for an open job position, you always want your job description to be engaging so that it is easy to attract and retain the best candidates. Textio makes this happen within the shortest time by helping you create unique content that is error-free or highlight suggestions to improve your skills.  Examples of individuals who may benefit from this tool are hiring teams and marketing managers.

Even though Textio cannot be tested using a free version or trial, it features other elements, including:

  • Contextual guidance
  • Punctuation check
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Document generation
  • Content management
  • Employer branding
  • Communication management
Quick Facts
  • Computer Software
  • Contact Textio for current pricing
  • 51-200 employees
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