Talentry Overview

Talentry is a marketing, recruiting, and retention platform that assists recruiters with building relationships in targeted talent communities. Through their modular talent relationship platform and applicant tracking system, the website trains companies to become active recruiters. It lowers the overall time and costs of recruitment.

Talentry’s intuitive system organizes the profiles for potential applicants in the relationship platform database. The company views its website as a series of pipelines leading applicants and current employees into the optimal location for their talents. At a glance, the company can see top skills, availability, and rank for positions within the company. They can save a passive applicant for a future job or put an employee in a category for a potential promotion. Recruiters can also consolidate contacts on the talent relationship platform and connect to their email account to streamline productivity without changing routine.

The modular talent relationship platform gives tips and focuses on engaging both active and passive candidates through active sourcing, which increases the likelihood that you will find the right talent for your company. To assist with active sourcing, clients can transfer applicant profiles directly into the relationship platform database. Additionally, Talentry provides form builders for job fairs that applicants can readily fill in on a platform of their choosing. It even offers ways to stay in touch with applicants after the event.

Equally important is Talentry’s use of fostering talent communities using employee referrals and social media campaigns. Employees know the culture of the company, and given the right incentives, can refer to potential targeted applicants to the company or refer fellow employees for a promotion. Using your employees turns them into talent scouts and saves money on recruiters. The platform also includes a search-filter function for potential job openings, birthday wishes, and events that relate to targeted groups of applicants, increasing the likelihood that they will respond.

Talentry Features

Talentry Talent Relationship Platform (TRP) integrates with your ATS tool to ensure you find the right talent. With this software, you will continue benefiting from it even after recruitment is done. It helps empower your employees to become better individuals, which makes them good ambassadors for your employer branding. 

Talentry software has excellent features to benefit your company. Whether your business is considered a mid-sized or large enterprise, this tool serves best regardless of the business’ level. So let’s dive right into Talentry features.

  • Resume parsing
  • Background screening
  • Internal HR collaboration
  • Job posting
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Interview management
  • Candidate management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile access
  • Social media integration

Make a difference in your recruitment processes with Talentry. Expect quality hire fast without incurring a lot of recruitment costs. It is also a perfect tool to boost your market presence.

Quick Facts
  • Information Technology & Services
  • Contact Talentry for current pricing
  • 11-50 employees
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