Skill Scout Overview

Skill Scout is a revolutionary service that creates authentic videos for workplace recruitment. Businesses can develop creative and affordable videos using a streamlined DIY process. The personalized approach Skill Scout provides companies a way to create videos that reflect their values, goals, and expectations for prospective employees.

The employment videos are an eye-catching recruitment tool that receives far more views than descriptions on search tool engines. Potential applicants can get a concise, clear, and authentic picture of what it means to work in a particular company. 

After skimming through a sea of overly detailed requirements and descriptions, a video that gives them an accurate picture of what it actually looks like to work in a company is a welcome change. They often display these videos on channels such as YouTube, which are a few of the most used search engines today.

Skill Scout’s process for making an official video includes a video tool kit that gives everything a company needs to get all the authentic content for the video. However, all you need is a smartphone. The client then picks a “recipe,” which includes the various packages or bundles they offer and the style of the video. Once the client films the content for the video, Skill Scout edits the video in only two days into a seamless polished video that highlights the goals and style set out in the recipe. Once the process is complete, the client can post the video to the website of their choice and watch as the applications roll into H.R.

Skill Scout Features

Skill Scout is one of the most preferred tools for creating videos for organizations. You do not need to list all your company’s values, culture, goals, expectations, and more during recruitment. With videos created using this tool with a streamlined DIY process, you can easily reach a wider audience and attract the best talent to fill your open position.

Organizations that have used Skill Scout are impressed by the benefits of it. The majority of users not only attract and retain the right talent, but they have also built their brands through job applicants who later become their brand ambassadors. 

The following are Skill Scout features.

  • Brand marketing
  • Not limited to the company’s size
  • Professional guidance and assistance
  • DIY videos app and kit
  • Discussion guides and video tutorials for creating videos
  • Mobile device supported
  • Cost-effectiveness
Quick Facts
  • Media Production
  • Contact Skill Scout for current pricing
  • 11-50 employees
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