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Global HR Research Background Check Software Overview

HR Managers seeking 360 talent recruiting solutions use the services available from Global HR Research (GHRR). This company was founded in 2005 to offer talent acquisition, talent screening and talent assessment services. These services are on offer through smart technology that continues to innovate and thus meet developing industry needs. To be in partnership with their clients, GHRR succeeds in long term client retention as businesses become better able to meet their objectives.

Three key pillars guide the services from GHRR. These are better candidates, smarter hires, and incomparable customer service. These pillars ensure that the company strives to exceed the needs of its clients.

GHRR services begin with pre-hire screening, allowing managers insight into the potential candidate’s background, employment history, and more. This screening also incorporates a range of tests such as substance abuse screening and occupational health screening. The entire process is monitored through applicant tracking and E-Verify. At the end of this process, employee onboarding can occur seamlessly.

The advanced screening technology is effective due to the data analytics that supports its operations. Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies can benefit from the professional background screening services that GHRR provides.

Global HR Research Features

Global HR Research offers one of the best background checks, drug testing, and assessment solutions that contribute to hiring and retaining the best talent. Small and large organizations benefit from this tool because of its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Depending on your budget, GHRR will deliver the best service. 

When it comes to features of this software, it goes beyond just background checks. GHRR develops a genuine partnership with its clients and follows up even after completing the candidates’ check. Additionally, you will also benefit from the following features:

  • Automated technology
  • Customizable tools
  • Secured platform
  • E-Verify solution
  • I-9 employment solutions
  • Conclusive screening report
  • Identity check
  • Criminal background check
Quick Facts
  • Human Resources
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  • 201-500 employees
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