First Advantage Corporation

Employers seeking to build strong teams will invest highly in the processes of recruitment, vetting, and hiring. First Advantage Corporation (FAC) can provide highly comprehensive background check solutions to ensure that employers make confident choices. This large organization has offices in 26 locations across a total of 14 countries with a team of more than 4000 employees. Furthermore, FAC consistently evaluates what is happening in the market across industries, and shares insights with employers to ensure risk management and compliance as well. The background checks that are carried out by FAC span across 200 countries and territories, leaving nothing to chance. To date, more than 35,000 organizations around the world have made use of the services from FAC.

Results from the background screenings are made available through actionable reports to guide better decision making. Conducting these background checks also helps organizations make wise decisions about the retention of qualified staff and what would be best to improve employees. Also, during the hiring process, the quality of employees to select for hire elevates.

FAC is also utilized by property owners who are looking for reliable renters. The statistics are a testament to the experience of this company with more than 71 million international background screens done.

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